Central Waste Solutions is a part of Central Profiles, a West Midlands based laser profiling business.

Over our 15 years of operation we have worked with many big names in the waste management industry, predominantly with providers of waste containers looking add further features and functionality to their containers. As we have worked with these companies and built a catalogue of products and services that we are able to provide we realised that it might not only be the providers of waste containers who could benefit from what we do but also companies who already have waste containers.

We now provide our products and services any and everybody, no matter how big or small the operation. We offer parts and accessories, maintenance and modification, and recycling and repair on a wide variety for a wide variety of waste containers from manufacturers such as Webber, Taylors and Sulo as well as many more. And in the rare event that we don’t supply a part for the waste container you have we can still help; as a manufacturer of the vast majority of the parts and accessories that we sell we have the facilities to manufacture any part to your specification.

Based in the Kidderminster, West Midlands, we are able to provide a fast and reliable service to the whole of mainland Great Britain.

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